July is the A1 Child competition month. And last year, 2013, I was chosen to represent our section. Not everyone is qualified to be an A1 Child.

One needs to have good grooming, and clean inside out. That means not having tooth decay, no lice, a clear and vibrant skin, no scars, healthy hair and many more.

This contest is for Grade 1 pupils only. I were to battle 3 of my schoolmates which are from other sections. Showed them my talent, dancing Louder by Charice. (video to be uploaded soon)

I won and represented Talamban Elementary School for the District level.

I had to face the qualifiers from Barangay Binaliw, Bacayan, Budlaan and San Jose.

I still won the District level and I had to represent the District 8 in the Division Level.

The Division level of the contest was held at DepEd Cebu City.

There were 30+ students from other schools, these are the best of the best and its not the same thing as the district level. Here in Division level, we have doctors and nurses.

Were like having a check up. And they would then rate us.

Talents part of the competition is the fun part. I still did the same presentation.

When the ratings are announced, I’m glad i had made it to Top 5 out of 30+ pupils. That was quite an achievement for me.

I am very happy that I had brought fame to my school.