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Kirito and Asuna Kids Cosplay Self Confidence
Cosplay School Activities

Stacey – Asuna from Sword Art Online Cosplay

O-M-G! Another day with me! Stacey, the blogger

So today is the day where we will dress up as our favorite characters that could be Anime, Cartoons or your favorite Disney Characters. So I am technically picking my favorite anime character, Asuna form SwordArt Online while my friend Josear, is wearing Kirito also from SwordArt Online.

In school, we took turns on presenting the character that you portray. Like doing stuff they do and saying things they say. Once you are done you get to be chosen as one of the finalists for the contest, and I was lucky enough to be chosen.

If you want to see how my costume looks like or how I copied Asuna’s postures and moves, check the video below.

Stacey Miss Canada
Pageants School Activities

Stacey Miss Canada United Nations Day

Hi guys! It’s me again

You must be wondering why I’m wearing this dress because I’m here to tell you that today is United Nations Day! We have to wear national costumes around the world in order to celebrate the United Nations Day. I am representing the country Canada while my cousin Rylai is representing Costa Rica. In school, we formed a line and took pictures. After a few minutes of picture-taking, we finally proceed to the gym and attended the contest.

Here are some of the pictures of me with my friends:


School Activities

Culminating of Buwan ng Wika

Buwan ng Wika is a celebration in the Philippines held in the month of August. Many events are being made to celebrate it. Sabayang Pagbigkas , Balagtasan, Slogan Making Contest , essay writing, recitation of poetry , dancing folk dances and singing folk songs.

I was lucky to be picked and trained by Mrs. Jumawan to present my very first folk dance, SamariƱa. It was a fun and great experience for me. We danced during the culminating of Buwan ng Wika.


Please see video below.